How to set up your business voicemail greeting

When customers call and you're unable to answer, you want to make sure that their greeted with a message that is both professional and represents your company well.

We'll show you how to create your own business voicemail greeting on OpenPhone using our web or mobile apps.

Setting up your voicemail greeting on the web app or desktop app

Using the web app, you have the options to:

  • Record a voicemail greeting in-app

  • Upload an existing voicemail file (MP3)

  • Create a text-to-speech voicemail greeting

1. Navigate to your phone numbers

First, go to My Phone Numbers

⚡️If you're an admin of an OpenPhone organization and want to modify one of the company numbers, go to your Company Phone Numbers.

2. Select the phone number

Click on the phone number you'd like to set a voicemail for.

3. Scroll to the voicemail section

Inside your selected number's settings, scroll down to the Voicemail section and hit "Change".

Change voicemail greeting in OpenPhone during business hours

4. Record, upload, or type text

  • If you want to record your own audio, select the "Record" option and do it right in OpenPhone.

  • If you have an existing audio file you want to use, "Upload a file". We support MP3 or WAV files. If you need to convert yours, try a free audio converter like this one.

  • If you have a voicemail script (or a rough idea of what you want to tell callers who get to voicemail), select "Text to speech" to turn text into a professional voiceover.

Options to upload a recording, record, or use text to speech for your voicemail message in OpenPhone

For example, here's what the Text to Speech experience looks like. Type in the text, get your audio, hit save. That's it.

Typing in a text-to-speech message for a voicemail message in OpenPhone

Did you know you could have a separate after-hours voicemail greeting?

After-hours callers can hear a separate greeting. This way, you can manage their expectations better and save them from having to wait on the line if you're not going to respond anyway.

Turn on your business hours first, then change your away voicemail greeting just as the regular voicemail greeting.

Add away voicemail greeting in the desktop app

Setting up your voicemail greeting on the mobile app

Using the mobile app, you have the options to:

  • Record a voicemail greeting in-app

  • Upload an existing voicemail file (MP3)

If you're looking to be able to turn text to speech, use the web app, and follow the instructions above.

  1. Launch the OpenPhone app on your mobile device

  2. Tap on your account on the top left corner

    Managing OpenPhone settings from the mobile app

  3. Tap on "Manage" next to your phone numbers

  4. Tap on the OpenPhone number you'd like to change the voicemail for

  5. Tap "Voicemail Greeting"

  6. Record your new custom greeting for your business or upload an MP3 file

  7. Select the new recording as your voicemail greeting. The selected one will have a purple checkmark ✔︎ beside it.

  8. That's it!

Want to set an after-hours voicemail?

1. Click on "Manage" next to your phone number.

2. Tap on the OpenPhone number you'd like to change the voicemail for

3. Tap on "Business Hours"

4. Tap "After-hours voicemail"

5. Select "Add New" to choose from an existing recording on your device or record a message

27 voicemail greeting scripts for your inspiration

Not quite sure what to say in your voicemail greeting? No problem! We've put together 27 examples of voicemail greetings to help you out. Check them out on our blog -- 27 Professional Voicemail Greeting Examples

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