Where are my voicemails and transcriptions?

Looking to keep track of your conversations? OpenPhone lets you review voice messages and any previous call recordings from your inbox. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • All call history, messages, and voicemails (as well as their transcription) can be found within conversation threads in OpenPhone.

  • Conversations are tied to specific numbers in OpenPhone. If you have more than one number on your account, switch between numbers to view conversations associated with that number. Under the left-hand menu of the web or desktop app, click the number under "Inboxes".

On the mobile app, click your account icon and then select the number under "Your numbers" to view conversations tied to that number.

Switching between phone numbers in the OpenPhone mobile app.
  • Any unread notifications whether it's an unread message or voicemail will appear as a badge next to the number under "Inboxes".

Unread message or voicemail notifications in OpenPhone

  • If you have multiple numbers and share contacts across your numbers, consider adding custom properties that state which numbers are associated with that contact. To add custom properties, click on a contact's conversation and you'll see the "+ Add a property" option.

Adding customer properties to a contact in OpenPhone.


Where to check call logs

You can view call recordings associated with a conversation by clicking on the conversation thread. Any captured recordings will show as speech bubbles and show "call" on it. Then you can playback or download.

Call recording captured in OpenPhone with download and playback options.

Don't see a previous conversation with a contact? Check your conversations marked as "Done".

If you have any other questions, please submit a request here. We're happy to help!