How can I set my business hours?

Tired of getting calls at all hours of the night? Or when you’re trying to have a fun weekend but your phone won’t stop ringing?

Then you should set your business hours!

Setting your business hours not only puts you in control of when you’re available for calls or texts but also lets your customers know when they can expect a response. When someone calls outside your set business hours in OpenPhone, they immediately hear the away voicemail greeting.

It’s very easy to set your business hours on OpenPhone. Here's how:

Setting business hours on the web or desktop app

1. Under "Inboxes", hover over the phone number you wish to have business hours for and select "..." to the right of that number. Click "Settings" from the popup menu.

You can also get to these settings by clicking "Settings" from the top left corner menu and choosing "Phone Numbers" under "Workspace".

accessing the OpenPhone settings

2. Scroll down to “Business Hours” in the phone number settings and toggle on “Enable business hours”.

Enabling business hours in OpenPhone

Note: Not seeing the option to edit the phone number settings? You'll need to be an Owner or Admin for that phone number (or an Owner or Admin with your team's OpenPhone account) to be able to set business hours.

This will result in an expanded menu where you can edit your availability.

Business hours enabled settings options in OpenPhone


Note: OpenPhone currently only supports one, consecutive time period per day. You will not be able to add multiple time periods for one day.

3. Select the appropriate time zone and your (or your team's) daily availability by selecting the hours to the immediate right of “Every day”. If your team is off on weekends, you can click into “Every day” to set your schedule to “Weekdays” instead — or if your hours vary depending on the day, you can select “Custom”. Then add in your business hours.

Custom hours option for business hours in OpenPhone

4. While there is a default away voicemail greeting, if you’d like to set up a custom voicemail greeting for callers outside of your business hours, then click “Change” to the right of “Away Voicemail Greeting”.

From here, you’ll be prompted to upload an existing file, record a new greeting, or utilize text-to-speech.

For help setting up your Away Voicemail Greeting, view step 4 of How to Set Up Your Business Voicemail.

❗Away Voicemail Tip - Mention when people can expect to hear from you!

Setting business hours on the mobile app (iOS and Android)

1. Launch the OpenPhone mobile app.

2. Select your picture icon at the top left of the screen.

3. Tap "Manage" next to "Your numbers".

manage phone settings in the OpenPhone mobile app

4. Tap on the number you'd like to set up business hours for.

5. Tap on "Business Hours".

6. Tap "Set your hours".

7. Input your timezone and weekly schedule.

adding in business hours in the OpenPhone mobile app
Note: OpenPhone currently only supports one, consecutive time period per day. You will not be able to add multiple time periods for one day.

8. Set an away voicemail greeting by tapping "After-hours voicemail" (optional). Using the mobile app, you have the option to record your voice or upload an existing voicemail file (mp3) for your away voicemail greeting. If you'd like to use text-to-speech, you must do that in the OpenPhone web app.

Note: If someone calls, texts, or leaves a voice message outside of your business hours, you won't receive a push notification about it. However, you'll see that they did and any messages sent the next time you open the app.

That's it!

And remember, when you're busy during the day, not available for calls, or just want some quiet time, you can always add your own work schedule or put on "Do Not Disturb" as needed.

PS: Don't have OpenPhone yet? No problem. Sign up today and start talking and texting in seconds.

If you have any other questions, please submit a request here. We're happy to help!