Auto-record calls on OpenPhone

Don't want to hit record every time? Then turn on the "auto-record" feature.

Who can use this feature

The auto-record feature can be used by all of our Business plan users! If you’re a Starter user, learn how to upgrade here.

How to turn on auto-record

⭐️ Note: You can only turn on the auto-record feature on the web or desktop app.

1. Go to "Phone Numbers" in your Workspace settings.

2. Select the phone number where you want all the calls to be recorded (your team's shared number, for example).

3. Scroll down, and hit the "Auto-record calls" switch.

Auto-record is number specific, so it will record all calls to your number whether the call is on the web or the mobile apps.

Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 9.50.54 AM.png

You must notify the person you're talking to that you'd like to record the call before you start recording. You'll be on the right side of the law when you give them the opportunity to opt out of having the conversation recorded.

Learn more about how to legally record phone calls on our blog.