Setting up the HubSpot integration

Does your team use HubSpot CRM? Using OpenPhone's HubSpot integration you can connect your phone with your CRM. In this guide, we'll show you how to get started and what's possible.

How does the HubSpot integration work?

With the HubSpot integration, whenever a HubSpot contact calls or messages your OpenPhone number, you can see that contact’s name in OpenPhone without having to add them as a contact in the OpenPhone app. Note: We don't currently support a one-time import of your HubSpot contacts via the API.

The contact profile in OpenPhone displays the following fields from HubSpot:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Job title*
  • Company*
  • Associated company*
  • Contact/Lead Owner*
  • Link to Hubspot record

*If it isn’t an empty field in HubSpot


Contact syncing with Hubspot has some limitations:

  • HubSpot contact details are only displayed if the conversation is with a phone number that matches a HubSpot contact’s phone number.
  • Updating contacts in OpenPhone does not update them as HubSpot contacts. If you need to update the name, email address, or phone number associated with a HubSpot contact, you need to make those changes directly in HubSpot.
  • Contacts created and updated in OpenPhone do not automatically sync to HubSpot at this time.

Activities done through OpenPhone, including incoming calls, outgoing calls, call recordings, voicemail, and text messages, can all automatically be logged to a relevant contact in HubSpot.

OpenPhone call history with a contact in OpenPhone

Keep in mind you can call your contacts straight from HubSpot's app with your OpenPhone number. However, you'll still be using the call minutes in your HubSpot subscription.

If you wish to call your HubSpot contacts without using your HubSpot call minutes, you'll need to first make OpenPhone the default app for calling on your computer. Then select a contact in HubSpot and hover over their phone number. You'll see a share icon you can click that will then give you the option to call that number in OpenPhone.


After clicking the pop up, you'll be taken to the OpenPhone desktop app where you can click "Call" to dial that number.

 number pushing from browser to OpenPhone so you can call

Who can set up & use the HubSpot integration?

All customers on the OpenPhone Business plan will be able to use the integration.

In OpenPhone, you must be a workspace owner or admin user to be able to set up the integration.

You can use this integration with any HubSpot plan. However, you'll need to have super admin permissions in order to connect HubSpot to OpenPhone.

How do I set up the HubSpot integration?

1. Go to the OpenPhone web or desktop app.

2. Select “Integrations” under the Workspace settings.

3. Select HubSpot and click “+ Connect to HubSpot”.

connect HubSpot in OpenPhone

4. HubSpot will ask you to confirm the HubSpot account you want to connect to OpenPhone.

screen where you confirm which HubSpot account you wish to connect to OpenPhone

5. After you confirm you wish to connect the apps, you’ll be redirected back to the integration settings in OpenPhone. Scroll down to “Phone Numbers”. Here, you can toggle on and off:

  • Auto-logging incoming and outgoing calls to the matching contact or company in HubSpot

  • Auto-logging incoming and outgoing messages to the matching contact or company in HubSpot (Note: this setting currently auto-logs SMS messages. MMS messages sent through OpenPhone will show as a blank message in HubSpot currently. However, a sales rep can add the image, GIF, or video into the log history in HubSpot by clicking into the blank message in HubSpot and clicking “Save”.)

settings for the HubSpot integration you can adjust in OpenPhone

You can use custom activity types in HubSpot to log your OpenPhone calls and messages so you have a clearer look into how your sales team spends their time.

6. Scroll down to “Phone Numbers”. In this section, you can select the phone numbers you’d like to sync call and message data within HubSpot.

selecting OpenPhone numbers to sync with HubSpot

Watch below to get a video walkthrough of the HubSpot integration.

Looking for more ways to bring together OpenPhone and other features in HubSpot? Check out our Zapier integration.

If you have any other questions, please submit a request here. We're happy to help!