How to set up an outgoing caller ID for your OpenPhone number

An effective outgoing caller ID name helps you stand out and connect with your contacts more successfully. Please note: The caller ID name feature is exclusively available to paying customers who represent a business with a TAX ID and an approved US carrier registration. This feature is not available for personal use.

How to add a caller ID to any OpenPhone number

To display your name or your company's name when you call from your OpenPhone number, you can easily set up caller ID name. If you're the Owner or Admin in your OpenPhone workspace, simply follow the steps outlined below using the web or desktop app.

Here's a video highlighting how to quickly set caller ID 👇

Don't have time to watch a video? No worries! Here are the steps 👇

1. Click “Settings” from the left-hand menu of the web or desktop app.

2. Below “Workspace”, select “General”.

3. Click “Add a name” under “Caller ID names” and enter the caller ID you have in mind.

Assign a Caller ID name to OpenPhone numbers in your workspace

4. Click next to the proposed caller ID name where it currently displays 0 numbers and select as many numbers in your workspace that you’d like to have that caller ID.

5. Click out of the pop-up menu to save and you’ll see the status for that request goes to “Pending”.

⭐️ Important: Submitting a caller ID name won't automatically assign it to your OpenPhone number. Once approved, you'll need to link your desired caller ID name.

How to update an existing caller ID

1. Click “Settings” from the left-hand menu.

2. Under “Workspace”, select “General”.

Update caller ID in OpenPhone

3. Click “…” and choose “Update name” to enter in your new preferred caller ID.

Note: After submitting changes made to an existing caller ID name for approval, your new caller ID name will show as “Pending”. Changes are generally approved within 48 hours. While changes are pending for an update to a previously approved caller ID names, your old caller ID name will continue to be displayed.

Visit our frequently asked questions about caller ID names to learn more.