How to record your calls

Recording calls on OpenPhone requires just a click of a button! 

Here's how to record specific calls: 

Desktop/Web app Mobile app

1. Whenever you make or receive a call, the call menu pops up on your screen. It defaults to the bottom right-hand side of your screen; however, you can move this wherever you like

2. To record a specific call, press the record button ⏺️ on the call menu

Recording a phone call on OpenPhone
Notifying the person on the call that you'd like to record this conversation will ensure that you're on the right side of the law. The gives the person on the call an opportunity to opt out of having the conversation recorded. Learn more about how to legally record phone calls on our blog!

Accessing call recordings

You can view call recordings associated with a conversation by clicking on the conversation thread. Any captured recordings will show as speech bubbles and show "call" on it. Then you can playback or download. Downloading call recordings is currently only available on the web, desktop, and android apps.

What if I want to automatically record calls? 🤔

Business plan members can take advantage of our auto-record feature to easily auto-record all calls. Learn more here!