Why caller ID name might not be displaying

Have you set your outgoing caller ID name on your phone number but your clients say it’s not displaying? We’ve put together this guide to help explain what might be going on.

Each carrier has its own policies regarding caller ID. While we submit your information to caller ID databases, it is not possible for us to guarantee it will display correctly every time for everyone. If a carrier is hitting a database that’s not up to date, your caller ID name can display wrong information. If they don’t hit it at all, it won’t display.

You can verify that your caller ID name submission has been correctly configured by utilizing a third-party website such as calleridtest.com

Canadian phone numbers 

At this time, caller ID name is not available for Canadian OpenPhone numbers.

Toll-free numbers

Unfortunately, toll-free numbers can't be used for outgoing caller ID. Toll-free numbers were originally designed to exclusively receive calls and not make calls. Given this, the caller ID name database does not maintain listings for toll-free numbers.

For more information about setting your caller ID, please see this guide here. If your caller ID is displaying as scam likely, then please see this guide here.

If you have any other questions, please submit a request here. We're happy to help!