FAQs about caller ID names

A caller ID name helps you stand out and connect with your call recipients more successfully. To display your name or your company's name when you call from your OpenPhone number, you can easily set up caller ID name. Below are some common questions we answer about caller ID names.

Who has access to the caller ID names feature?

The caller ID name feature is exclusively available to owners and admins of paid accounts who represent a business with a TAX ID, approved for US carrier registration. This feature is not available for personal use.

How long does it take for caller ID to show after a request?

We will request updates to caller ID name records weekly. From the time of the update, it sometimes takes 2-3 days for your caller ID information to start showing up.

How does an outgoing caller ID work?

Carriers populate one of several authoritative caller ID databases with subscriber data. When you get an OpenPhone number, we'll be able to do this for you. Carriers also reference data in these databases. If you ever saw the name of the caller on your screen without having that person in your address book, your carrier pulled information for the name and associated number in one of these databases.

Can I choose any name to display for my caller ID?

The outgoing caller ID you choose has requirements:

  • a maximum of 15 characters in length
  • only include letters, numbers, periods, commas, and spaces
  • no special characters such as "+" allowed
  • Using or including Private, Unavailable, or Unknown is not allowed

Your Caller ID name must be related to the business name or name of the business contact on your US carrier registration. If there is no visible relationship, it will get rejected.

Why can't I update my caller ID name created before 2024?

If you created a caller ID name using our system before 2024, you might find that you're unable to make any modifications to these names. Limitations may include being unable to assign the caller ID name to new numbers or change the name itself. the only option available is deletion. If you need to update your caller ID setup, we recommend creating a new caller ID name and assigning the desired numbers to this new entry. This method will allow you to manage your caller ID names effectively, despite the constraints of the previous system.

Can I add caller ID to my toll-free number?

No, toll-free numbers can't be used for outgoing caller ID. Toll-free numbers were originally designed to exclusively receive calls and not make calls. Given this, the caller ID name databases do not maintain listings for toll-free numbers.

Are there additional outgoing caller ID limitations I should be aware of?

  • Each carrier has its own policies regarding caller ID. So, while we submit your information to caller ID databases, it is not possible for us to guarantee it will display correctly every time for everyone. If a carrier pulls information from an outdated database, wrong information my display for some recipients; if they don’t hit a database, it won’t display at all.
  • OpenPhone does not support caller ID for Canadian numbers. Canadian carriers do not automatically update their caller ID name database. This may cause your caller ID to display incorrectly with some Canadian carriers or not show at all.