How to get call summaries and transcripts in OpenPhone

Looking to save time following up after calls or want an easier way to catch up on conversations? In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to set up AI-generated call summaries and transcripts in OpenPhone.  

How do call summaries and transcripts work?

By default, OpenPhone will provide you an automatic transcription of any recorded calls that occur. Keep in mind call transcripts and summaries are only available to Business plan users. Within a few seconds of a call ending, you can easily review an AI-generated transcript of the call broken down by speaker along with a summary of the conversation and potential action items you can follow up on later. 

Once generated, the call summary will appear in the conversation thread. Click the call summary to expand and review the summary and action items. To view the transcript, click the call summary. 

OpenPhone call summary example in the OpenPhone desktop app

Then the transcript will open in the right-hand panel.

OpenPhone call summary and transcript example in the OpenPhone desktop app

Which apps is it available on?

You can access call transcripts and summaries via OpenPhone’s web, desktop, Android, and iOS apps. 

How to turn off call transcripts and summaries

To disable this setting, you must be an owner or admin user in your OpenPhone workspace. Here’s how you can turn on call transcripts for any OpenPhone number:

1. Click “Settings” from the left-hand menu from the OpenPhone web or desktop app. 

2. Under “Workspace”, select “Phone numbers”. 

3. Click the phone number you wish to disable call transcripts for. 

4. Toggle off the option next to “Call transcriptions”. 


If I upgrade to Business, will this unlock call summaries and transcripts for older calls prior to upgrading?

You'll get call summaries and transcripts for new calls that are made after upgrading.