How to connect OpenPhone to email

By connecting your OpenPhone to email, OpenPhone can notify you (or anyone with an email address) whenever any of your OpenPhone numbers receive a call, message, or voicemail.

Note: Only the designated admins and owners of the phone number have access to this setting.

How to connect OpenPhone to email from the web or desktop app

1. Click "Settings" from the left-hand menu in the web or desktop app.

2. Under "Workspace", click "Phone Numbers".

3. Select the OpenPhone number you'd like to connect.

Phone Numbers settings in OpenPhone

4. From your phone number's settings, scroll down to "Integrations" and click "Connect to your email".

Turning on connect to your email in OpenPhone

5. By default, the email on your OpenPhone account will be notified. You can also add additional recipients.

6. You can modify what events you'll be notified about via email. By default, you'll be notified about text messages, missed calls, and voicemail.

Modifying email notifications in OpenPhone


How OpenPhone notifications in an email inbox look

Now that you've connected your OpenPhone number, you'll get email notifications that look like this.

Voicemail message forwarded to a Gmail inbox

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