How does the OpenPhone trial work

Please note 👇

In order to send messages to US numbers on OpenPhone, you'll need to be registered and be on a paid plan. Registration wait time may be up to 20 days. Learn more here

Want to try out OpenPhone for free? You can with our free, seven-day trial.

We recommend signing up and selecting a temporary phone number. That way, you can first explore the platform. If you have an existing number you'd like to use on OpenPhone, we can port it over!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • While we offer international calls (i.e. calls outside of the US and Canada) to all our paid users, we do not offer international calling on our trial. However, you can test out OpenPhone by calling US and Canadian numbers during our free trial! 
  • We don't believe in bad surprises. Before your seven-day trial ends, we'll send you (or the owner of your team's account) a heads-up via email.
  • You can trial OpenPhone as a team. However, we only allow one number per user. If the amount of numbers on your team's account exceeds the user count, the trial will end. You will be able to choose one number for your trial and need to wait for you to complete your seven-day trial to change to a new number. 
  • If you want to add more numbers than your amount of users, then your trial will end. When you attempt to add an extra number during your trial, you'll get a heads-up in-app. You'll be charged $5 per month if you are on our monthly plan (or $60 if you are on our annual plan) for each additional number that exceeds your user count.