OpenPhone AI contact suggestions

OpenPhone AI works in the background to suggest missing contacts based on your voicemails and call summaries. Our Business Plan customers can use OpenPhone AI contact suggestions to:

  • Automatically build your OpenPhone contact list
  • Save you time from manually creating new contacts
  • See who’s calling even when a contact has yet to be created

How to view contact suggestions

Whenever a voicemail or call recording is transcribed, OpenPhone AI will automatically search the contents of those transcripts for the following:

  • first name
  • last name
  • company
  • contact role

If OpenPhone AI recognizes any of these details, it will automatically generate a contact suggestion. Contact suggestions will show up in a few places: the contact panel, inbox chat list, incoming call alert, and notifications. The suggestion tells you who’s trying to reach you and choose whether to save them as a contact.


A contact suggestions is exactly that, a suggestion. You can choose to accept, edit, or dismiss each contact suggestion. Accepting a suggestion will create a contact that adheres to the default contact sharing settings set by your OpenPhone workspace administrator.

How to configure OpenPhone AI contact suggestions

Untitled (2).png


By default, OpenPhone AI contact suggestions is turned on for all Business plan customers. Workspace owners and administrators can turn off this setting with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Contacts.
  2. Toggle Contact suggestions off.

FAQs for AI contacts

How do I stop OpenPhone AI from suggesting contacts? You have two options for stopping OpenPhone AI contact suggestions:

  • Dismissing a suggestion made for an incoming call number will prevent OpenPhone AI from suggesting contact details for that phone number again.
  • You can also prevent OpenPhone AI from making suggestions by turning the feature off by doing the following:
  1. Navigate to Settings>Workspace Settings.
  2. Turn off contact suggestions.