How to get AI-suggested text responses

Strapped for time or just need inspiration to help you reply to a text message? In this guide, we’ll share everything you need to know about OpenPhone’s AI-suggested text responses.

How do AI-suggested text responses work?

OpenPhone uses AI to automatically suggest 2-3 relevant replies to a message based on the context of the conversation. You also have the option to give OpenPhone AI a prompt to generate a message you can either send or edit first. 

Which apps is it available on?

You can access AI-suggested text responses via OpenPhone’s web, desktop, iOS, and Android apps. This feature is available to all OpenPhone users.

How to generate AI-suggested text responses

Once you’re in a specific conversation thread in OpenPhone, you can type in “/AI” to get 2-3 response suggestions generated from the conversation’s history. If you select one option you can tweak the message as needed or simply send. 


AI message response example in the OpenPhone desktop app


If you want to add a prompt, after entering “/AI” you can give specific instructions to help generate a text message. Then click the arrow icon to review the AI-generated suggestions. For example, if you wish to send someone an appointment confirmation text your prompt can be: “Create a short, friendly text that confirms a customer's appointment on Monday at 9 am.”


Example of a prompt added to generate an AI-text response in the OpenPhone desktop app

That’s it! If you find a particular AI-suggested response useful and wish to reuse it again later, you can also copy and save the message as a snippet.