FAQs about Toll-Free Number Registration on OpenPhone

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We are currently in the process of introducing a new and improved toll-free registration experience in our product. As we gradually make this feature available to our users, it's possible that your account may not have it just yet. If you find yourself in this situation and you don't see the toll-free registration option in the Trust center as described below, don't worry! You can still register your number by sending us a message here!

Toll-free numbers have been a popular option for businesses looking to reach clients across North America while promoting a sense of security, establishing rapport, and providing an easy-to-recognize number. To combat spam and misuse of toll-free numbers and ensure their continued integrity, mobile carriers have established new security procedures to verify outgoing SMS and MMS traffic from toll-free numbers.

Verified toll-free messaging means that your business and use case have been reviewed before sending messages via toll-free, and you have received carrier approval for messaging via toll-free numbers in the US and Canada.

Is there any cost to register my toll-free number?

This service is completely free of charge and included as part of your subscription cost with OpenPhone.

When did this go into effect?

Since November 8, 2023 it has been a regulation that toll-free numbers must be registered to message to US and Canadian numbers.

Do I need to verify my toll-free number?

If you use a toll-free number to message US or Canadian numbers, you need to verify your toll-free number. As of November 8, 2023 customers who try messaging US or Canadian numbers using an unregistered toll-free number, will be blocked from doing so.

Few things to keep in mind:

  • If your OpenPhone number will be used strictly for calls and inbound messages, you do not need to verify your number as inbound (MMS & SMS) are not impacted.
  • To review if a toll-free number is the best fit for you, please use our guide here

What can happen to my toll-free number if I do not verify it?

An unverified toll-free number will lead to outgoing messages being blocked or filtered when messaging clients across North America, preventing your content from delivering successfully. OpenPhone is not able to waive or remove verification requirements for toll-free numbers.

Who can verify a toll-free number?

Owners or admins on a paid plan and with at least one toll-free number, will be able to verify their toll-free number!

How do I verify my toll-free number with OpenPhone? (if outbound messaging services are required)

1. Start by initiating the toll-free registration process in the Trust center (this option will only show up if you have a toll-free number in your workspace). NOTE: Registration requires a business address in the US or Canada.

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2. Select whether you are using OpenPhone for business or personal use.

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3. Select which number you want to register. All the unregistered toll-free numbers in the workspace will be listed here. Please note, each toll-free number needs to be registered individually. 

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4. Complete the toll-free registration form.

Things to keep in mind:

  • All required fields must be completed, as incomplete information will cause the delay or rejection of your verification request.
  • The toll-free number being verified cannot be used as the primary contact number for the verification form.
  • The client’s consent to be contacted must be clearly expressed (samples will be provided in the verification form), as outbound messages from toll-free numbers require proof of consent to be contacted.
  • Consent is required before the first message (first text can’t be used to obtain consent).

What is client consent? What do I submit as proof that this has been obtained?

Before sending the first message, you must obtain agreement from the message recipient to communicate with them - this is referred to as "consent" you must make clear to the individual they are agreeing to receive messages of the type you're going to send.

In order to complete the toll-free registration process, we require examples of how you obtain consent from your recipients. Please note that we only need examples and no client-specific information needs to be shared during the verification process.

To help guide you in completing the form, we have provided a description of each consent type:

  • Consent form on our website: This is an embedded form or pop-up on your website that prompts visitors to provide their mobile phone number and opt-in to receiving text messages from you. If selecting this consent option, provide a link to the form or web page for review.
  • Physical form (e.g. paper form): This is a physical form that an in-person visitor completes to collect their phone number and their consent to receive text messages from you. If selecting this consent option, please upload a photo or screenshot of the consent form.
  • QR code: This is a QR code that links to an online form that prompts visitors to enter their phone number and opt into receiving messages from you. If selecting this option, please upload a photo or screenshot of the QR code.
  • Text consent over SMS: This is when you use a keyword to allow someone to opt in to receive messages from you. If selecting this option, please provide the keyword used in your sign up campaign. Describe where customers can find the keyword, and what happens when they text the keyword to your toll-free number.
    • Example: “Keyword: SIGNUP. The keyword is found on a banner on our website where customers can see the keyword and text in to the toll-free number. Once the customer texts the keyword, they are asked to reply "Y" to confirm they would like to receive promotional SMS.”
  • Verbal Consent: If selecting this option, please share a visual guide of how you will collect your recipient's phone numbers or a screenshot of the registration flow (such as a transcript of the verbiage used and what response your customer will provide text to opt-in).

If I have multiple toll-free numbers, do I need to register them all?

Yes, you’ll need to repeat the above steps for each of your toll-free numbers.

How do I register another toll-free number?

If additional toll-free numbers in the workspace need to be registered, the “Register another number" option will be available to users to initiate the registration flow again.

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I submitted my form but have not heard back. What should I do next?

After submission, you can monitor the status of your verification via the Trust Center. You will also receive an email when the registration is submitted, and approved or rejected.

Processing times can vary and may take 2-3 weeks to process once the information has been correctly provided.

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My form was rejected. What should I do now?

If your form was rejected, you’ll be able to see rejection details and resubmit from within the Trust Center. Please note, if you don’t resubmit before 7 days, you’ll need to start the verification process over again.

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My submission was rejected due to forbidden messaging categories. Can I resubmit?

Rejections due to forbidden messaging categories, are ineligible for resubmission. Please note, in addition to toll-free messaging content restrictions, any use cases that violate our Terms of Service or Fair Use Policy are not allowed on OpenPhone’s platform, regardless of number/sender type or destination country.

If you disagree with the rejection, please reach out to OpenPhone support here to request for an appeal.