How to invite team members to OpenPhone

Are your team members using their personal phone numbers for work? You can now get business phone numbers for everyone at your company!

Invite your colleagues and they'll be able to get their business phone numbers in seconds. And they can also get access to existing company-owned phone numbers.

How to invite specific teammates to OpenPhone

1. Click on "Invite your team" at the bottom of the Team section in your OpenPhone inbox. This option is also available by clicking on "Invite a member" in the Members section

2. Enter your colleague's work email (you can even enter multiple teammates' email addresses separated by commas) and select "Add to list"

3. Choose an initial phone assignment or give your newly invited team member the option to select a new number.

4. Select the appropriate workspace role for them:

  • Owner(someone with full superpower access to the organization)
  • Admin (can invite other members + manages company billing)
  • Member (manages their own account)

5. Click "Assign a New Number" or "Share Existing" to give them access to an existing phone number in your account.

inviting teammates in OpenPhone

🌟 Please note: Only workspace owners have the option to add a new teammate and make them a workspace owner. Additionally, only workspace owners and admins can add a new teammate as an admin. Read this guide to learn more about workspace roles and permissions.

Here's what your team members will need to do when they're invited.

  1. Get an invitation email from OpenPhone

  2. Click "Accept Invitation"

  3. They'll be guided through the OpenPhone onboarding process. This will include picking their phone number (or gaining access to the number you've invited them to) and creating an account. No need to worry about billing - that's already taken care of.

  4. That's it! They'll receive a link to install the mobile app to use their OpenPhone number.

⭐️ Note: Want to share signup instructions with your team? Send them this article.

How to claim your team's email domain

You can also claim your team's email domain so that any of your teammates can self-service join your team's workspace.

Claim your email domain by visiting the Members section of your workspace settings. Then enter in an email address based on your team's domain.

claiming email domain to automatically add teammates into OpenPhone

Once you've claimed the domain, they can sign up for OpenPhone through our standard signup link using their company-provided email address to join your team's existing workspace in OpenPhone.

Once that button is clicked, you're done. ✨

They'll see this during signup:

The sign in screen for your teammates in OpenPhone once you add your domain

🌟 Please note: only admins and account owners have access to the add an email domain setting.

Learn more about managing your team on OpenPhone by watching the video below. 

Pricing for teams on OpenPhone

OpenPhone for Teams pricing is simple:

  • Our Starter plan starts at $15 per user per month (billed annually). You can find out more about our Starter plan here.

  • Our Business plan starts at $23 per user per month (billed annually). You can find out more about our Business plan here.

  • Each user comes with one phone number assignment. For each additional phone number, it's $5 per month.

When you add a new user or number, we immediately bill the pro-rated amount for your current cycle. There is no limit to how many members you can invite. Each member can have unlimited numbers.

You can always remove users or numbers from your account. When users or numbers are removed, we will apply a pro-rated credit on your next invoice.

If you have any other questions, please submit a request here. We're happy to help!