Does OpenPhone integrate with my phone address book or offer a separate contact list?

OpenPhone comes with a dedicated business address book to help you organize your contacts. We allow you to sync your personal phone address book as well if you'd like.

How a separate contact list works in OpenPhone

We give you a separate contact list for many reasons:

  • Separate your business contacts from personal ones to make you more organized

  • Help you share your business contacts with your team without sharing your entire personal address book

  • Allow you to tag your contacts and store any information you care about via custom properties. Your regular address book doesn't do this :)

  • Collaborate with your team by being able to leave notes on contacts

Syncing your phone contacts

If you want to sync your personal iPhone / Android contacts with OpenPhone, that's possible. Check out this article for instructions on how to do that.

Importing your contacts

Have your contacts stored elsewhere? No problem!​

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