How to gather insights from OpenPhone Analytics

OpenPhone Analytics provides an in-depth look at all of the numbers and users in your organization. With access to this data, you can use real-time metrics to:

  • Track call and text volume over time
  • Find out what are the busiest times for your team
  • Monitor service level agreements
  • Better train your teammates (e.g. sales or customer support teams)

Who can use this feature?

OpenPhone Analytics can be used by all of our Business plan users! All the analytics captured while you're under a Starter plan will be available to analyze when you upgrade! 🙂

Which app can I use this feature on?

You can use this feature on the desktop and web apps. We're working hard on making it available on our mobile apps. Once released, we'll post an update here!

Accessing the analytics dashboard

To access your analytics dashboard, click "Analytics" on the top left-hand side of the desktop and web app.

From here, you'll immediately be able to view:

  • Total outgoing and incoming messages

  • Total outgoing and incoming calls

  • Total number of unique conversations

  • Total time spent on calls

Scrolling down will show activity breakdowns by users:
Towards the bottom, you'll find a heat map that shows you the busiest times of the week:


⭐️ Note: Owners and Admins can view the analytics for every number on a team's OpenPhone account. Members can only view the analytics for phone numbers that they are assigned to.

Setting data filters

All of the above information can be filtered by:

  • Week vs Day

  • Over a specific time period (Today, last 7 days, 4 weeks, 3 months, 12 months, MtD, QtD, YtD, or Custom)

  • Phone number(s)


Exporting to CSV

Exporting data from Analytics is easy! Simply hit "Export CSV" on the upper right hand side. Your report will be emailed to your OpenPhone email address.

Your data export will contain 24 data points per activity such as:

  • Who on your team answers specific calls and texts
  • Duration of calls
  • What phone numbers call or messages your team
  • When calls and messages occur
  • Calls, messages, and voicemail by status


Status breakdown for calls and messages

Once you export your call and message log, you'll see a data point called "status". This data point will give you insight into the state of the call or message. Here's a breakdown of the different types of statuses you may be presented with:

Call statuses: 

  1. Completed: Completed incoming or outgoing calls (you can see the direction of the call under the "direction" data point)
  2. Missed: Missed incoming or outgoing calls
  3. Ringing: Outgoing call that was hung up right away (notice that there is no duration for calls with this status)
  4. Cancelled: Abandoned incoming call

Message statuses: 

  1. Received: Message that was received
  2. Delivered: Outgoing message that was delivered
  3. Undelivered: Outgoing message that was not delivered