How to schedule a message in OpenPhone

Working outside of business hours and want a message to go out later? Here’s how to schedule a text message.

Note: Scheduling is not available to send group texts.

How to schedule text messages from the web and desktop app, iOS, and Android devices

  1. Navigate to the contact you want to receive your message and draft it.
  2. Then, click the clock icon.

Details for specifying time zone, date, time, and other conditions are included later in this article.


How does this look on the iOS application for OpenPhone? 

iOS 1.jpg

iOS 2.pngiOS 3.png
By default, if your intended recipient messages you before your scheduled message is sent, your scheduled message will be canceled and saved as a draft. You have the option to update this setting to “even if they message first” for your message to be sent despite messages from your recipient.


Scheduled messages will estimate your recipient’s time zone based on their phone number’s area code. You can select a different timezone at any point from the drop-down menu.


After you’ve set your intended time zone, select the date and time for your message to be sent. You can type things like 5 PM, tomorrow morning, Aug 10, in 5 min, etc.


That’s it! Once you’ve successfully scheduled a message, you’ll see:

  • A clock icon next to the name of the contact
  • The date and time the scheduled message will be sent at the bottom of the conversation thread


Note: You can schedule as many messages to a contact as you’d like. Just follow the previous steps!

How does this look on the Android application for OpenPhone?

Selected contact

Scheduling texts in OpenPhone's Android app

Select the time for your scheduled message to be sent, specify conditions (as described above), and select your recipient's time zone.


Setting the exact date and time to schedule a message in OpenPhone's Android app



Selecting a time zone to schedule a message in OpenPhone's Android app


How to edit or cancel a scheduled text message from the web or desktop app

Need to make a change or stop a scheduled message from going out? Navigate to the contact that has scheduled messages and click “View messages”. On the right, all the scheduled messages will appear.


Select the scheduled message you’d like to update. From here, you’ll be able to edit, reschedule, send, or delete the scheduled message.


Keep in mind scheduling text messages is currently available on the iOS & Desktop app and OpenPhone. We are working on getting this feature out for the Android app as soon as possible.

If you have any other questions, please submit a request here. We're happy to help!

Note: Scheduling messages is not presently available on the Android mobile application