I’m receiving the error “Could not establish a connection. Try again momentarily.”

Are you receiving the error message “Could not establish a connection. Try again momentarily.” or "OpenPhone was unable to establish a media connection. Check your device's network connection and try again..."?

If so, you came to right place!



These error messages can come when you’re signing up, making a call, or even uploading a contact file. Regardless of where it occurs, it’s almost always caused by an internet connection issue.

As a VOIP phone, OpenPhone requires a strong internet connection, either via WiFi or data, to work properly. If you do not have a reliable connection, it’s possible that you will not receive an incoming call. In these cases, we’d recommend to try changing to a different internet source (e.g. WiFi to data or vice versa) or, if using WiFi, reset your router.

It’s also possible that a third-party extension, firewall, or VPN can be blocking your connection, resulting in the above issue. If this is the case, you may want to try disabling to see if that resolves the issue. For more information on using VPNs with OpenPhone, please see this article.

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