How to send a group message on OpenPhone

You need to send a message to all your contacts at an organization. Or perhaps you're reminding multiple parties of your scheduled sales demo.

OpenPhone lets you send and receive group text messages to up to 9 other people. When you send a group message, everyone will see the entire conversation and be able to reply to any messages in the thread. Sending and receiving group messages works on all of our apps!

Note: Toll-free numbers currently do not support group text messaging.

How to send a group message

Send group text messages in four simple steps:

1. From the phone number you've selected under "Inboxes", click the chatbox 💬above your last conversation to start a new conversation.

Conversation and chatbox icon in OpenPhone

2. Type in a number or contact name. When typing in the initial numbers or letters, you can select a specific contact from the dropdown menu.

Don’t see them in the dropdown? You may need to add them as a contact in OpenPhone.

3. Type in and select another number or contact name.

add multiple contacts to send a group message

4. Once you’ve added the right numbers or contacts, click into the text box or click tab (web or desktop app) to type your group message.

Here's how it looks after you send a group text:

Example of a group text message sent through OpenPhone

What can go in group text messages

Provide the most relevant information with your group messages and customize messages how you see fit. You can include any of the following in group SMS and MMS text messages:

  • links

  • emojis

  • pictures (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .tiff)

  • GIFs (via our GIPHY integration; type “/” into the new message section to find and send GIFs)

  • video

  • Documents, spreadsheets, and other files

  • Contacts (Share business contacts with team members)

You can view videos and photos before sending them. After clicking 📎 and selecting that file, click on it to see a larger version.

Previewing a file before sending it in OpenPhone

If you attach the wrong file by accident and spot the issue before sending it, hover it and click ✖️ on the upper right-hand corner of the file.

Note: You can send group SMS or MMS messages. For team messaging within the OpenPhone app, we currently only offer 1-to-1 direct messaging. We plan to offer group direct messaging in a future release.

If you have any other questions, please submit a request here. We're happy to help!