How to export your OpenPhone account data

Please note 👇

  • You must be the workspace owner to export data for your workspace.
  • Exported phone contacts include all contacts. No contacts are excluded as private contacts.
  • Call recordings and transcripts are not included in the data export.
  • Exported data will be emailed as a .csv file. The email includes a link to download your exported data. The link expires after 72 hours, with the option to request a new link if you miss that window.

How to export your data

Owners for a workspace can initiate an export of data for that workspace by following these steps:

  1. From your workspace menu, select "Settings" and "General".
  2. At the bottom of the Workspace settings section, find the "Export your data" section. You'll see the list of three types of data you can choose to export: contacts, call logs, and message logs.
  3. Check the box for each type of data you want to export.
  4. Below the checkboxes, click "Export data".

In the lower left-hand corner, you will see a pop-up message that your data export request has been received. Within 24 hours of your request, you should receive an email with your exported data.