How your contacts can opt out of text messages

Finding you can no longer text someone? Your recipient may have opted out of receiving texts from you.

How opting out works with text messages

Due to anti-spam legislation and a number of other legal requirements, OpenPhone makes opting out of text messages easy for your recipients. Your recipients can use standard English-language reply messages if they no longer wish to receive messages. These replies to opt out are in line with industry standards.

Any of the following STOP replies will prevent a recipient from receiving new responses from an OpenPhone number:

  • Stop

  • Stopall

  • Unsubscribe

  • Cancel

  • End

  • Quit

These keywords trigger this automatic standard reply from OpenPhone confirming they will no longer receive any messages from your number:

"You have successfully been unsubscribed. You will not receive any more messages from this number. Reply START to resubscribe."

Note: Only single-word messages will trigger the block. For example, replying STOP will stop the contact from receiving messages from any numbers associated with your OpenPhone account. However, replying "STOP PLEASE" or "PLEASE CANCEL" will not.

Once this reply occurs, any future attempts to message them will be met with a "Failed" message in OpenPhone.

What an attempted sent text messages look like in OpenPhone if someone opts out of receiving texts from you.


How contacts can opt back in

Your recipients can opt back into text messages from your OpenPhone number at any time by texting to your number, "start" or "unstop". Either word will trigger this automatic response:

"You have successfully been re-subscribed to messages from this number. Reply HELP for help. Reply STOP to unsubscribe. Msg&Data Rates May Apply."

A "start" keyword will disable blocking for all numbers associated with your OpenPhone account, allowing you the ability to send messages to this recipient again.

Note: While OpenPhone will handle the above-described messages on the numbers associated with your OpenPhone account as described in this article, you should consult with legal counsel to ensure any text messaging campaign conforms to all applicable legal compliance requirements.

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