How to create an OpenPhone account

Signing up for OpenPhone and getting your dedicated phone number is simple! Here's a video and guide outlining this process:

Steps to create an OpenPhone account:

1 . Go to OpenPhone's sign up page

2. Enter your email address and click "Continue". You'll be sent a 6 digit code to your email. Please enter this code then click continue

3. Enter your first and last name

4. You'll be asked to confirm whether this OpenPhone account is for your team or just for you

5. You'll need to verify that you're real by inputting a mobile phone number and providing the verification code

Note: A landline, Skype number, or virtual number cannot be used for verification!

6. Once verified, you'll have the option to select a brand new phone number or port an existing number. If you select a new phone number, we'll automatically assign you one. Feel free to change this number by clicking "pick a different number"

7. If you choose to port your existing number, we'll assign you a temporary number while the porting process is completed. Learn more about porting over an existing number to OpenPhone here

8. Pick the plan that you'd like to trial. Regardless of the plan you choose, you'll get a 7 day trial to try out OpenPhone! You can cancel at any time and we'll send you a reminder email a day before your trial ends

9. Lastly, enter your credit card information

Note: A temporary $1 hold will be applied to validate the payment method! More on this here.