How to permanently delete your OpenPhone account data

In the event that you do not want to continue using OpenPhone after your free trial ends or want to stop using OpenPhone at any point, you can request for your team’s account data to be deleted. We will not automatically delete your team’s account data when you stop using OpenPhone.

You will need to contact our Support team in order to delete your OpenPhone account. You cannot do this on your own at this time.

Here's how to permanently delete your OpenPhone account data:

Note: You must be a workspace owner or admin for the account you’re asking to delete.

1. If you have not already, cancel your OpenPhone subscription in your billing settings. You must be the owner or admin of your account in order to cancel your OpenPhone subscription. We will only permanently delete data for OpenPhone accounts that have canceled their subscription.

2. Send an email to our Support Team with the subject line “Request to permanently delete {Company name} account”. 

3. Our Support team will confirm you are the owner or admin on the account and then will begin the deletion.

4. We will reply to your email confirming the account has been deleted.

If you have any other questions, please submit a request by following the steps here. We're happy to help!