Using a VPN with OpenPhone

Many of our users love the privacy they have in keeping their work and personal phone lines separate. Using a VPN can add further privacy to all of your online activities; however, many VPNs can cause issues with using VoIP numbers. That’s because VPNs often block the same ports that VoIP services use to make calls.

In this article, we’ll cover how you can still maintain privacy without affecting your ability to make or take calls.

For most people, their VPN works fine with OpenPhone without any additional configuration. If you are having any issues making or receiving calls while using a VPN, you’ll want to first confirm the VPN is the source of the issue. First, disable the VPN and see if the issue resolves. If so, you can reenable your VPN with some additional configuration.

If you’re having issues making or receiving calls after doing so, you’ll want to open the following:

  • Port ranges: 10,000 - 20,000
  • IP ranges: - and -

⭐️Note: OpenPhone uses RTP for our VoIP voice media services; avoid filtering above port ranges, as this can lead to service degradation. 

If you’re still having issues using OpenPhone alongside your VPN, then please submit a request by following the steps here. We're happy to help!