Troubleshooting one-way call audio

When one of the parties on your call can't hear another, you're experiencing one-way audio.

One-way audio can be caused by many different factors. We put together this guide to walk through the possible reasons you're experiencing one-way call audio:

Device settings

While it may seem silly, many users have reported instances of missing audio and found that the problem was within their device settings. Here are a few possible settings that may cause one-way audio:

  • Please ensure that you have enabled all permissions including mic access

  • The other party placing the call on hold

  • Toggling on mute


One of the most common reasons for one-way audio is jitter. Jitter indicates a connection issue occurred on the call. Jitter affects your call's packets of audio data transmitted to and from. This can result in packet loss and, subsequently, loss of audio. Thankfully, there are a few steps that may alleviate these issues.

Your internet connection

While your internet connection may have lightning-fast speeds most of the time, if your speeds are temporarily throttled, you may experience call quality issues. Here are some steps that may resolve jitter:

  • If you're using WiFi, reset your router

  • Switch to a different internet source (e.g. WiFi to data or vice versa)

Your device

While the strength of the internet is the most likely culprit, it's also possible that the issue is due to the device itself. Here are a few things you can do on your device to help improve your call quality:

  • If you're running any CPU intensive programs in the background, try closing those programs

  • Try switching between mobile and desktop (e.g. you may find that your laptop works better with a weaker internet connection than your mobile)

  • Try completely powering down then restarting your device

While these steps typically solve the problem, if they do not, then we'll need to dig into them a little more.

If this issue is only occurring with one contact, it's likely that the issue is coming from their end.

For all other issues, please submit a request here with the following information and we can look into those calls:

  • Your OpenPhone phone number

  • 3 numbers you were on a call with where this issue occurred

  • Approximate date and time of the call

  • What OpenPhone app you were using (i.e. iOS, Android, Mac, desktop)

  • Was the audio missing the entire time or only some of the time?