Troubleshooting echoing call audio

The person you're talking to complains about getting an echo from you. They may be hearing you initially and then a delayed echo shortly after.

This is almost always caused by the hardware positioning or volume levels. The good news is that we've put together this guide to help resolve this issue. Here are some possible solutions for echoing call audio:

  • If using speakerphone on mobile, make sure that the bottom mic is uncovered

  • Disable speakerphone

  • Lower the output volume for the speaker or handset

  • Try using a headset with your calls

  • Try completely powering down then restarting your device

If you've tried these solutions and you're still receiving this issue, please submit a request here with the following information and we can help troubleshoot:

  • What OpenPhone app you were using (i.e. iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, browser app)

  • What device you were using

  • Whether you're using any headsets

  • Whether you're using speakerphone