How to join an existing OpenPhone workspace

Have you been invited to use OpenPhone by your colleagues? Great! We'll help you get set up.

How to accept an OpenPhone invitation

When you get invited to join an existing workspace, you'll receive an invitation email that looks like this:


Once you click on "accept invitation", you'll be prompted to join the workspace you've been invited to. Here, you'll have 2 options:

1. Signing up with Google: No passwords, no codes, nothing. Just sign in and you'll be all set. :)

2. Signing up with an email: You'll get a one-time 6-digit code in your email inbox. 

Note: Sign up with the exact same email address you've received an invitation to. For example,  if the invitation came to, make sure to sign up as Otherwise, you'll be placed in your own workspace.

Signing in with your work email

Sign in right here with your work/business email. You'll be able to confirm your email by getting a 6-digit code emailed to you.

Then, you'll be given an option to join your company workspace:


Creating an account once you've accepted your invitation

Once you accept the invitation to the workspace you've been invited to, you'll be able to create your OpenPhone account.

Here are the steps involved:

1. Enter your name


2. Pick your OpenPhone number: If you were invited to pick your own OpenPhone number, you'll have an option to do so here. Otherwise, feel free to skip this step!


That's it! Here's how you know you're all set. You'll enter your OpenPhone inbox: