How to set your status

Setting your status is a great way to let your teammates know what you're working on and whether you're available.

To set your status, click on your name/picture icon in the top left corner.

Setting status on OpenPhoone


You’ll see two options:

  • Set your status — customize your status by selecting one of the suggested options or type in your own status.
  • Set yourself as away — clicking this will show you’re away without specifying what you’re doing.

To update your status back to active, click “Set yourself as active”.

Setting yourself back to active in OpenPhone

Likewise, you can view your team’s status to quickly know whether they are online or what they're working on.

On the left-hand panel underneath "Your team", you can see the teammates in your organization. If your teammates are online, they will have the green bubble filled next to their picture icon.

Viewing team status in OpenPhone

If they’ve set a custom status, you can view it by hovering over the emoji next to their name.
hover view team status in OpenPhone