Setting up the Salesforce integration

Looking to bring together OpenPhone and Salesforce? In this guide, we’ll show you how OpenPhone’s Salesforce integration works and how to get started using it.

Who can set up & use the Salesforce integration?

In order to use OpenPhone's Salesforce integration:

  • Customers must have Salesforce API access. API access is included for Salesforce Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance or Developer editions of Salesforce. API access can be added to Salesforce Professional. API access is not available for customers using Salesforce Group and Essentials editions. Read more on this here.
  • You also need to be an admin in Salesforce in order to connect Salesforce to OpenPhone.
  • Customers on the OpenPhone Business plan will be able to use the integration. In OpenPhone, you must be a workspace owner or admin user to be able to set up the integration.

How does the Salesforce integration work?

After setting up the OpenPhone Salesforce integration, you can see any Salesforce contact's name in OpenPhone when they call you or you dial them without having to spend time adding them as a contact in the OpenPhone app. The contact profile in OpenPhone displays the following fields from Salesforce:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Mobile Phone*
  • Company*
  • Job Title*
  • Contact/Lead Owner*
  • Link to Salesforce record

*If it isn’t an empty field in Salesforce


OpenPhone calls are automatically logged in Salesforce so your team can save time after calls.


If your team records your calls, the call recording URL and recording duration display in the activity description. Plus, OpenPhone automatically specifies the direction of the call in the activity subject line in Salesforce.

Call direction Subject line Description
Inbound {Inbox Name} {Phone Number} | Incoming Call | {Call Status} {Inbox Name} Call duration: {time} Answered by {Username} Recording URL {url} View conversation: {openphone url}
Outbound {Inbox Name} {Phone Number} | Outgoing Call {Inbox Name} Call duration: {time} Initiated by {Username} Recording URL {url} View conversation: {openphone url}


Text messages can also automatically be logged in Salesforce. The integration logs text exchanges in a group so that any messages between you and a contact within the span of an hour or less show as a single activity.


How do I set up the Salesforce integration?

1. Go to the OpenPhone web or desktop app.

2. Select “Integrations” under the Workspace settings.

3. Select Salesforce and click “Connect to Salesforce”.


4. If you haven’t already, log into your Salesforce account. Salesforce will ask you to confirm the Salesforce account you want to connect to OpenPhone.

5. After you confirm you wish to connect the apps, you’ll be redirected back to the integration settings in OpenPhone. From the integration settings, you will be able to configure whether you want to log calls for all numbers or specific inboxes in your workspace.


If you have any questions about connecting OpenPhone to Salesforce, please submit a request here. We're happy to help!