How to clear "Scam Likely" labeling from your new US phone number


Please Note: Only US business numbers can have labels cleared using the process described below.

As the new owner of your US OpenPhone phone business number, you can clear the label of "Scam Likely" from your number by registering your new number with the Free Caller Registry. A new callout in your Trust Center takes you to the Free Caller Registry page, where you can clear the label. This takes less time than completing the available Free Caller Registry long form.

FCR short form.png

Background on ownership of phone numbers

Phone numbers rarely belong to one owner forever. When numbers become available for reassignment, they often maintain the reputation earned under the previous owner. Based on activity of the prior owner, recipients of calls from those numbers may receive messaging that previous applied to potential scams or spam. The Free Caller Registry allows OpenPhone users and others to inform carriers that the number has a new owner, removing old reputations and the related negative labels.

Tips for completing the Free Caller Registry page

The Registry page requires completion of two important sections that have confused some OP users.

  • Calling company (phone, name, address) - These are the details for your business, that is, your business phone number, business name, and business address.
  • Service provider - OpenPhone is your service provider.