Common reasons A2P registrations are rejected

A2P registration is a requirement for businesses that will send SMS and MMS messages to their customers with US phone numbers. OpenPhone wants to increase your chance of approved registration with this list of common reasons A2P registrations are rejected.

Mobile phone number is not supported

This rejection reason means that you’ve entered an incorrect mobile phone number in your registration. When you resubmit your registration, confirm that the mobile number you’re entering is:

  • Not an OpenPhone number
  • Not any other VOIP number (like OpenPhone)
  • A US or Canadian number

Email address is invalid or undeliverable

This rejection reason means that your email address is invalid or wasn’t able to receive email. When you resubmit your registration, ensure that the email address you’re entering:

  • Doesn’t have any typos (.con vs .com)
  • Proper domain

Business tax form information doesn't exactly match registration

If key information from your tax form (IRS Form CP-575 for US businesses and BN-9 for Canadian businesses) does not match the information provided in your registration, a rejection is likely. Key information includes:

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Legal business name
  • Business address

Incorrect EIN

Rejection means that the provided EIN was incorrect or incorrectly formatted.

Incorrect business name

Rejection means that the business name on the A2P registration may differ from the business tax form based on some as simple (and important) as a leaving out the business designation (e.g., LLC, CORP, INC).

Incorrect business address

Rejection means the address included in the A2P registration was not a perfect match. A correct EIN business address must include full details of the address such as apartment or suite numbers. 

See the IRS EIN form below for the location of the information described above.

Screen Shot 2023-08-31 at 1.46.20 PM.png

Street address is invalid

This rejection reason means that the provided address was incorrect. An incorrectly formatted address can also lead to rejection.

Please try registering again and ensure your provided address is correct. Be sure to include your apartment or unit number in the second address line!


Website is exceeding character limit

This rejection reason means that the provided website URL is exceeding the 100 character limit.

Please try registering again and ensure you are providing a direct or shortened version of your website. ( instead of


Insufficient description of process for message recipients to opt in

For businesses selecting their website as their method for collecting consent from recipients for message, A2P registration can be rejected for an insufficient description of the full opt-in process. Complete descriptions include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • Program or product description
  • Customer care contact information
  • Opt-out instructions
  • Product quantity or recurring messages program disclosure
  • “Message and data rates may apply” disclosure