How to bulk delete a large number of contacts on OpenPhone

Are your contacts out-of-date and no longer needed? Or did you accidentally sync your phone's contacts and want to quickly remove them? Well, you can quickly and easily delete them with the bulk delete function. 

Here's how:

Note: You can only use bulk deletion on the web or desktop app.

1. Log into the web or desktop app.

2. Click on the "Contacts" from the left-hand menu.

3. Select the contacts that you'd like to delete. You can easily select all contacts. You can also click the icon above the search bar to filter the contacts you want to delete by their source.

Filtering contacts by source in OpenPhone

4. Once you have the contacts that you want deleted selected, click the trash bin icon.

Deleting a contact in OpenPhone

This deletion is permanent, so please be sure that you'd like to remove these contacts before selecting this step.

For a safety measure, you'll be prompted one final time before deletion. To successfully delete your contacts, select "Yes, delete".

Confirmation message before deleting a contact in OpenPhone

Note: If you accidentally synced your personal contacts from your iOS or Android, then make sure to revoke contact permissions to ensure this does not happen again.