If I get a call or message while I have no internet, will I know about it?

Losing internet access is no fun, but we've got you covered. 

If you lose internet access:

  • You'll see a "No internet Connection" message in the OpenPhone app so that you're informed

  • You'll be able to access all previous messages and call history 

Once you get internet access again:

  • You'll get a missed call notification (if you received a call while you were offline)  

  • If your caller left a voicemail, you will receive it (both the audio file and the transcription)

  • We will deliver any text and picture messages you received while offline

And don't worry, if you leave your WiFi network (for example, walk out of your office while on a call), we will switch you to your data plan seamlessly, with no interruptions. Just make sure your data plan is active. 

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