Google Voice Alternative: How is OpenPhone different from Google Voice?

We're often asked about how OpenPhone compares to Google Voice. 

First of all, Google does not recommend business use of Google Voice:

"GV (Google Voice) is a consumer-targeted offering that is great for personal, non-business use.  It does not have any direct technical support, and it does have occasional outages and hard-to-diagnose bugs.  When things go wrong, any money you saved on GV calling could be quickly offset by a loss of business, or by damage to your business's online reputation, from unhappy customers who can't reach you." - Learn more on the Google Voice Help Forum.

Google Voice is a consumer product. OpenPhone is designed specifically for businesses which means it can be easily integrated into your daily workflow.

The key differences between OpenPhone and Google Voice

  1. OpenPhone lets you search for the best number for your business (area code + preferred digits/letters) across thousands of available numbers in the US and Canada. Google Voice only offers US numbers and doesn't let you search for a preferred number. With OpenPhone, vanity numbers are possible!

  2. OpenPhone offers toll-free numbers. Google Voice doesn't.

  3. With OpenPhone, you can distinguish between business and personal calls and know who's calling you. With Google Voice, you don't know if an incoming call is personal or for business since all calls are forwarded to your personal number. 

  4. OpenPhone allows you to set your business hours when you are available to receive calls. Google Voice doesn't allow setting business hours.

  5. OpenPhone allows you to have multiple phone numbers in one account. With OpenPhone, you can also share numbers on a team. Google Voice doesn't offer multiple phone numbers or shared numbers.

  6. OpenPhone doesn't rely on your phone plan as calls are transmitted over the Internet. This means that you can use your OpenPhone number everywhere you go. Since Google Voice forwards calls to your cellphone, you need to keep your US phone plan active at all times.

  7. OpenPhone allows you to have multiple voicemail greetings for your business. For example, you have a separate voicemail greeting when people call after hours. With Google Voice, you can only have 1 voicemail greeting.

  8. OpenPhone gives you a dedicated address book for your business contacts so that you know when clients call your business line and can see their names, not just numbers. Learn more here. Google Voice doesn't offer a separate business address book.

  9. Google Voice is not actively maintained. At OpenPhone we release new features all the time. The success of your business is our success ❤️

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