How to mark conversations as “Unread”

Now isn't a good time to respond? That's okay! Marking a conversation as "unread" can act as a reminder to respond to a text later on in the day, whether it's better for you, or your client.

Marking conversations "Unread" from the web and desktop app

1. Launch the OpenPhone web app or desktop app.

2. From the conversation thread, press the first icon to mark a conversation as "Unread".

How to mark conversations as Unread


Marking conversations "Unread" from the iOS and Android app

  1. Launch OpenPhone on your mobile device.

  2. From your conversation inbox, swipe a conversation right to mark it as "Unread".


That’s it! Now you’ll never forget to respond to any important messages. Again. 🤦‍♀️

Want to learn more about filtering your inbox? Check out this handy guide we put together for you.

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