How to assign an OpenPhone number to a team member

Assigning a number to a team member in OpenPhone lets them adjust the phone number's settings and add other teammates to the number, in addition to the ability to call and text from that number.

Who can use this feature?

Only account owners and admins have access to this feature.

Which app can I use this feature on?

You can use this feature on the desktop and web apps, and on the iOS app. We're working hard on making it available on Android as well. Once released, we'll post an update here!

Here's how to assign a number on OpenPhone:

  1. Go to "Settings" and then "Phone Numbers"

  2. Click the number you would like to assign, re-assign, or un-assign

  3. Under "Users", hit the "Add users" option 

  4. Type in the name or search for the team member and hit enter

  5. Choose whether to add the user as a member or an admin

That's it! Here is a preview of what this looks like: